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Coming To America

I’m from England. My name is Cleve, short for Cleveland. No one ever calls me Cleveland. Not even my mom. I cool with that. On Friday, Oct 28th 2019, my wife and I packed our bags to go live in America. Her name is Erin, she’s cute, and an American from the state of Wisconsin. We have backstory but much more on that later.

We swapped London for Seattle. I do love America. It’s so much bigger than you think. You drive and fly literally everywhere. I like Americans. Although we speak the same language (ish), we are culturally worlds apart. My wife and I pretty much daily find something shows us that we are not the same. So I’ve decided to capture those differences as and when they happen and share them. We are not alone in this. We have met countless others working within the Anglo-American twilight zone. I feel as though I need to write this shit down for others to weigh in on. I have to get out of my head and onto paper. Call it therapy, and there are two parts to it:

  1. My Seattle Diary
  2. Useful things

My diary is a stream of consciousness that I’ll continually add to. It won’t be pretty. The aim is to write stuff down. Better out than in right! You’ll need to attack that chronologically, and yes, that was the longest word you’ll read in my diary pages. The hopefully useful reference pages are standalone topics that I thought noteworthy. So, things like visas, social security numbers (ahhhh), credit, food, fun with words, and so on.


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